HR MacGyver-Do More with Less. Necole Jones, SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP, CDSP Necole Jones was born and bred in Memphis Tennessee. A determined young lady with full of passion for life. She says, ” Choose a job that you love and so you never have to work a day in your life”. Born of humble beginnings, Necole got her college degree in political science but then became a global Human Resources Leader and worked for Fortune 500 companies like Coco-Cola and Smith & Nephew.

Peter Mousaferiadis -Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Conductor of Music and CEO of Cultural Infusion talks about living your passion. As a young man
like most people, he faced his own adversities, but he always lived in the world of the WHY? This led him to creating Diversity Atlas , a ground
breaking data collection platform embracing gender equality, racism, different cultures, discrimination etc, that is spreading rapidly and being adopted by global names that are the movers and shakers and shaping the world we live in.

Audio Podcast- Interviewed by Danyal Diallo on Success

Phillip Fernandez interviews passionate entrepreneur on “ Selling is in every transaction in life”. Santo Marino talks about finding the ‘Sweet Spot’ in his dealings with people and in doing so being able to help them achieve their dreams.

Christopher Kai-Fortune 100 Global Speaker, interviews Phillip Fernandez -Global High Performance Expert adopting the Winning Mindset.

Tiffany Cherry- Physiotherapist, Sports Journalist, TV presenter, Non-Executive Board Director and Athlete. A compelling and amazing life`s journey of a person who faced adversity of being the minority, of breaking the mould by being the first female in a male dominated arena, by being determined to succeed and win in life, by forging a career that had nothing to do with her professional background and above all passionately helping others to grow like herself.

Joanna James- Growing up in a male dominated world at school to sitting at a board meeting she found herself as she puts it, “ the only woman in the room”. From a qualified Architect to being a GM in a start-up mortgage finance firm which was awarded 3 times BRW fastest growing company. A mother to four, Joanna went through a dark time after her marriage separation, but soon self-reflected and bounced back and added to her portfolio, Chief Ambassador for ‘ The Successful Woman” with a global vision to empower women to create the lifestyle they truly want.

Gil Lam-Hing was driven by a passion for Human Rights. Started life as a successful Journalist and Communication Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mauritius, then as an entrepreneur in 2009, he was looking for a better life and so migrated to Melbourne Australia with his family. He hit rock bottom for a few years but his dream kept him alive and you won`t believe what happened next.

Management is doing things right, but Leadership is doing the right things”. Peter F. Drucker

Bernie Craven-CEO of Waste Free Systems and has deservedly won the Clean Technology Small Business Award in Queensland Australia, three times. A person that has a zest for life and would always asks the question, ” WHY ? “. He liked working with his hands and helping others in life and so stated life as a plumber then became a hairdresser which then became his purpose and mission to be the best at what he did. This took him internationally and after two successful decades embarked onto the sustainability and environmental avenue . His motto is that if you have an idea , give it a go , be patient and involve others to create a WIN/WIN for all in life.

Audio Podcast – Interviewed by Fran Killoway on Leadership


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