“Assets are in people”

People Performance is not about just achieving our goals and objectives but rather facing what is preventing us from achieving them, dealing with and taking ownership of those limiting beliefs and then having the power to smash those goals, go beyond and become unstoppable.


I am Director and Founder of Wizard Business Consulting and have acquired over 25 years experience in the corporate world of high powered, fast moving multinational companies working mainly in Australia and New Zealand with exposure to Europe, Asia and USA. . I`ve held numerous senior management roles as National Sales Manager, General Manager and Human Resource Director and created my mark with companies like Schwarzkopf, L`Oreal, Revlon, Redken and Esselte to name a few.

Throughout my career, the main driving force behind my success was understanding and working with people. I always and still believe that “Clients are Gold , Employees are Platinum` and Good Leadership is Priceless.. One of my most powerful strategies is to empower people whatever their position to take ownership of their decisions and create a better world to live in.


My mission is to deliver with integrity and unrelenting passion in achieving excellence both personally and through your people.

As a Speaker and Motivator I specialize in the areas of High Performance Leadership, Excellence in the Self, Team Dynamics & Staff Empowerment, Management Performance and Effective Communication. I am also a member of Motivational Speakers Australia and am featured in their first Motivational Speakers Australia Book and write articles on people performance for various leading magazines, LinkedIn and the Motivational Speakers magazine.

I am also a Business Coach, Certified Trainer and NLP Practitioner and a member of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP). I specialize in Leadership and Management Performance and empower and engage your employees to take ownership of their careers.

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