Gone are the teenage years and now into our twenties. So does the way we do business. Even more so the shift towards nurturing and supporting human capital is becoming more imperative.

We have seen the evolution of social media strategies and how this has made and can make individuals and businesses grow in a world of ‘likes’ or ‘unlikes’ , how many people can be influenced and how many followers one has perpetually aim for to build one`s brand, reputation and credibility. It is all about the what the followers are looking to satisfy their needs through these influencers that they aspire to and that they can see value-add and how it can affect their lives, careers, and businesses.

This is all done virtually online and the only interaction is with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. It is the way the world is communicating and doing it effectively at that. On the flipside of this , backed up by new generation studies and seen in my day to day coaching of business leaders and individuals, that the new generation of employees struggle with the art of face to face conversations, the ability to show passion, the greatness of their knowledge bank, the ability to read and connect with a client, peers or even their manager, the struggles with their own inadequacy, then keeping it to themselves so as not to show vulnerability, having anxiety in selling products and upselling or cross selling other services and all this happens because they have created a world of stories unconsciously that acts as an excuse or justification for all of the above.

The innocent factor in all of this is that they don`t even know they are doing it, which leads to a very different way of approaching business success in the new decade. Yes, we still need to upskill in product knowledge and appropriate company training. This is a must to help grow the employee, new or experienced. This can be done face to face. However now online training is slowly taking over due to the flexibility of when you choose to do your training or upskilling.

However, all this training still does not provide solutions or answers, or even remotely change the way employees think, act and behave. You see knowing all about your product or service, what and how to consult, how to communicate, sell and even educate is great but it is not addressing what they are still dealing with unconsciously which is the stories that have been living in for years and these are limiting them from being the best they can be.

So that is why I specialise in dealing with what is stopping an employee from performing and being their best, which then leads them to taking ownership and really being productive and profitable for their business within the overall business. This involves mindset training, learning to believe in themselves, learning how to win the smaller goals which then builds the winning confidence to taking on the bigger goals, like their profitable sales targets and beyond. They go through specifically designed self-development training winning modules that allows to take ownership and win in life. Many of them don`t know how to win or have never been shown how to win.

This type of training creates a more permanent change and it educates them to be alerted to any roadblocks that come up and then what behaviour change is needed to overcome it and move on towards the solution. Immensely powerful and so rewarding both to themselves and of course their Manager/Business Owner.

The other side of this type of mindset coaching is with the CEO, Manager and Owner of the business. You see we also come with our own roadblocks, limitations and vivid stories of how out staff should behave, or even what is the difference between an employee with bad attitude and one that is resisting being spoken to or accepting constructive feedback. The biggest one is how do I get my employee to perform consistently without having to be on their back or having to remind them or drive them to perform. It is very draining and in the long run not good for our health and wellbeing.

So equally I also work at the leaders end in coaching and equipping them with the right mindset, the power of the conversation, the right tools and methods to achieve what I call the 80/20 rule. This is where 80% of the staff are productive and consistent and 20% float in and out but still expected to perform. The leadership coaching and training in the power of the conversation with CEOs, Managers and Owners is a huge contributor towards staff ownership and performance. For staff to change and overcome their roadblocks, they must see change in their leaders too.

My clients have told me that there isn`t a price that they can put on the value of investing in their staff and in leadership programs. It is simply priceless.

Phillip Fernandez (ABNLP)
Human Strategist, Mindset Winning Coach, Author