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Authority In Creating Purpose-Driven Change In

Behaviour And Communication With Leaders And Their Team


“The most important factor in a person is their behaviour.”

Become An Extraordinary


Discover the simple steps needed to create employee ownership and a healthy business. Phillip’s easy to read book “Extraordinary Leadership For Everyday Managers” will give you the keys to unlock your people, your passion, your performance and your profit.

What is Phillip’s Philosophy?


Skills and qualifications are important however getting the right people with the right attributes that fit your culture is even more important and this is critical to the ongoing success of any business.


A key attribute is passion. A person who is passionate about their job usually takes on any challenges and overcome any hurdles as they only see solutions and not problems.


High achievers have one thing in common and that is an overwhelming passion for what they do.


People who are Passionate , enjoy what they do and so effortlessly Perform to the highest level and inevitably achieve their set goals and objectives which leads to Profitability.

What our clients say

“Phillip Fernandez is a speaker who has inspired me to breakthrough my old road blocks, something other speakers have not been able to achieve. I feel more focused and motivated to reach for and achieve much higher levels of performance. I now understand why he is one of Australia’s best speaker/trainer. So inspired, I want Phillip to speak to my core client group in Leadership and Management, an area that Phillip has an obvious level of expertise.”

James Grima | CEO, Positive Training

“Hi Phillip, just a short note thanking you for the insight presented in your seminar. Your knowledge on the topics discussed was first class and since applying some of your theories and thoughts to my own business I have noticed a significant change for the better. I look forward to catching up soon to discuss further.”

Dale Height | Principal & Advisor, Height Financial Services